Integration & Set Up

With our advanced specialist software, we are able to integrate into hundreds of marketplaces and storefronts. This means no matter where you sell online - we can integrate our systems together. Setting up your account and integrations is easy - and we take care of everything!

Our fulfilment software at ProShip Fulfilment allows us to easily integrate into your online stores and marketplaces. Our system directly integrates into over 50 different Marketplaces and Online Stores, so no matter where you are selling, we will be able to integrate seamlessly! We also integrate into over 80 different couriers. So if you have a preferred courier you'd like us to use - we can do that!

The direct integration allows us to import your customer orders, update and manage your inventory and offer you real-time updates as your orders move around our warehouse operation.

The best part is – we take care of all of this for you!